What is Cunnilingus?

Kun – one form of oral sex, is able to deliver the highest pleasure to a woman. This technique of oral sex is familiar to people for a long time, but in our time, not all know enough about it.

So, cunnilingus is the process that allows to deliver a woman pleasure, through its impact on the language of sexual organs. More specifically, it is licking the labia and the clitoris women. In the process of the fingers can engage or attachments directed to vaginal stimulation.


The vast majority of women find cunnilingus – very important and enjoyable part of foreplay. This process gives them an incomparable pleasure. However, there are those who did not share the enthusiasm for the majority. Speaking about this, it is necessary, first of all, pay attention to the fact that women reach orgasm differently. According to statistics, about 30% of women are not able to reach an orgasm in any other way, except for cunnilingus.

First of all, this is due to psychological factors such as the perception of women’s sexuality in the period of its formation in adolescence. If the girl denied her sexuality, or hid it, by virtue of conservative upbringing or shyness, most of all, she, as an adult, it would be difficult to obtain satisfaction from sex. Often the inability to have an orgasm during vaginal sex is associated with a non-perception brain stimulation. This may be due to the brain habitual reflectivity than the sex action. For example, if a young girl herself satisfy her sexual needs, then sex with a man is not regarded by the brain as an act aimed at getting an orgasm.

Also it plays an important role, most of the female body device. The clitoris and the inner side of the labia contain a huge amount of open nerve endings. Irritation of these nerves gives an incredibly strong signals throughout the female body. So for women cunnilingus – it is not just a pleasant process, and sometimes the only way to get an orgasm or to reach the highest point of bliss.


Sexologists argue that men, on the segment refuse to do Cooney, or do not know what cunnilingus or not matured emotionally. Even joking that in relation to the male population cunnilingus can judge the civilization of a society.

For men, in matters relating to the enjoyment of the delivered woman could be 2 barrier.

The first – the psychological and built on fear. He is a man that does not know how to do it and therefore is afraid. This barrier should be cross for a sure. Any woman will understand and help your partner in this situation.

The second barrier may be associated with male disgust. After all, the presence of specific odor characteristic of all women. Another thing is that the partners who are fully fit, the smell of each other should be mutually enjoyable and exciting. If the root of your reluctance lies in this barrier, you should discuss with your partner this question. Perhaps the problem really is, and it is necessary to address to the gynecologist. Indeed, many sexual infections are the cause of a bad smell in the crotch.


Sexual pleasures couples should express their feelings for each other and allow them to get rid of accumulated stress. Sexually, everything must be built on mutual desires. However, a variety of games, besides the fact that making diversity in sexual life, and even exacerbate the relations between the sexes in matters of domination and subordination.

Often men do not make the woman cunnilingus xxx, because of a misunderstanding of what Cooney sex life gives to a partners and what is its role. The desire of women to have fun Men tend to be confused with an attempt to dominate women. And since the dominant role he is not ready to lose, it will be avoided at all costs in this process.

While it has already become common knowledge that men caress, manifested in this way, it raises a man in the eyes of his partner on a pedestal. And she will see him as a man who truly loves her and wishes.

However, to understand what kunilingus – a little read article more.


Kun, like any other process requires some kind of preparation. Talking about how to prepare for the cunnilingus, we have in mind and the psychological aspect of training and personal hygiene of both partners. And, of course, required the formation of general information, which you will find in this article.

First of all, you need to pay attention to how a female orgasm. Compared to men, women, this process requires complicated and longer. But what is even orgasm in women and why it is so important.

There are several periods:

1. Excitation
2. Plateau
3. Orgasm
4. Relaxation

All these periods have been designed by nature for a man of his genital function. It is only for this. Feels good, it is like a by-product. Thus it is not the correct passage of these phases brings imbalance in the couple’s relationship, and prevents logical process to complete intercourse.

During orgasm, women’s uterus is unbent and creates optimal conditions for sperm passage. The outer part of the vagina is compressed by holding a man’s penis. That is, an orgasm – a state of the female body, optimal for making sperm and the child’s conception. But to achieve this status without proper excitation and transmission stage stimulation of nerve endings located in the vagina and external genital organs and can not be contrary to nature.